EasyRecovery Pro 6.10.07


EasyRecovery Pro 6.10.07 is very favourable way of restoration of the lost or inaccessible data. Not in all cases at once it is necessary for you to address to the expert. Program EasyRecovery has absorbed in itself long-term experience of company Ontrack and more 125 thousand cases of restoration of data. Use of the program will allow you to restore independently data, using the latest technologies in this area

EasyRecovery allows to restore without special work data on a hard disk if you have lost them owing to:
* casual removal,
* attacks of viruses,
* damages because of switching-off or sharp fluctuations of a pressure in the electric system,
* mistakes in the program,
* problems at creation of sections or loading,
* wrong deenergizing of a computer,
* damages of structure of file system,
* formatting of the carrier of data or application on it of program FDISK…

On a case of loss of data and impossibility to load system EasyRecovery allows to create emergency a diskette, having loaded with which it will be possible to restore data, having transferred them on other disk. Is able to restore data from DOS, Windows 3.x, 9x, Windows NT/2000/XP (NTFS), and also stored on ??????, Zip and Jazz-diskettes.

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    payah….rapidsahre nya gak bisa dibuka…..

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    cara kerj soft gmn mas????

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